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1-on-1 coaching

Hero fitness made just for you

Nerds, weebs and geeks are stronger together

Transform your body with a trainer that gets it! Ultra Hero training is all about sharing a love of fictional heroes and trying to embody the philosophies that made them such great characters. 

Together we will transform you into a hero in your own right!

1-on-1 Anchor


Every main character has a goal, a purpose, and a journey. We will sit down and figure out your goals and make a plan to achieve them. In the land of fitness, there are so so many goals. No matter what it is, we can get there! 



What's your goal?

  • I want to be stronger!

  • I want to lose weight for a convention!

  • I'm looking to blow up my squat numbers!

  • I just want to feel good!

  • Something else entirely! Let's talk!


Become Ultra

Not only will you get to begin your real-life transformation, but you will be immortalized as your very own fictional hero character.


Training with the Ultra Squad gets you access to a guaranteed TWO custom hero avatars. One in the Ultra Hero Training Uniform (pictured left) as well as one in an official Hero Suit tailored to your characters powers and unique abilities 

The character design will be done according to a questionnaire and collaboration with the Ultra Hero

*Founding members gain first dibs to be included in the Ultra Heroes graphic novel


Let's go over what did and didn't work this week, and how we can adjust for the next!

This is a great time to get questions answered or just chat about the latest in anime, comics or movies!



Powered by the TrainHeroic app, get your workouts curated and delivered each week with minimal frustration. 

No one wants to use a spreadsheet anymore, and this app makes it easy to log and progress your workouts each week!


Nutritional Guidance

The other half of your Hero Training revolves around you understanding nutrition better and how to take advantage of it for your goals! 

It is ongoing training, and you will receive guidance during all of your training



We can't wait to have you. The bigger the squad is, the better. The best heroes work on a team, and The Ultra Hero is no exception!

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