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Here's my philosophy: You should feel like a main character. At some point we became fascinated with a fictional character. We have identified with them wanting to better themselves, overcoming struggles, feeling powerful, or just looking super freakin' cool. The concept of Ultra Hero is to embody those characters and manifest them in our real lives. We start with fitness and health because it truly improves every facet of our daily lives. That isn't where Ultra Hero stops though! You'll see these Ultra Heroes dressing like our favorite characters through cosplay and learning the skills to create those cosplays. There is community discussion and engagement through streams and forums, because as we all know there isn't a single good main character that ignores teamwork! Even custom artwork of yourself in a fictional world to truly immortalize yourself as a main character in the ongoing story that is life. Come join us, and BE YOUR OWN HERO

Ultra Hero started with me:

Danny Dvorak

(dAn-ee duh-vOR-ak)

Lifetime superhero nerd and anime fan, I truly found my passion in 2018 when I started lifting weights and paying attention to my nutrition; I haven't looked back since. In the time since then I have constantly been searching for the best information and practices on health and wellness, as well as doubling down on the amount of nerdiness I can consume or participate in. That's the short version, but I have my full-length origin story coming in manga form soon!

Ultra Hero Danny Dvorak as All Might
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